Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Prizes?

  • 1,753 Prizes will be awarded – Valued at over $1.4 Million!
  • Chances of winning a prize are 1 in 20!

Grand Prize Showhome

  • 16 Heritage Way, Quispamsis
  • Plus $100,000!
  • Fully Furnished, Professionally Decorated & Landscaped
  • Custom built by AE McKay Builders
  • Showhome Hours
    • Monday to Friday 3:00 to 8:00pm
    • Weekends & Holidays Noon to 6:00pm

Early Bird Prize

2019 Mercedes-Benz SLC 300 Roadster Or $70,000

Jammaica Bonus Prizes

2 winners will win all-inclusive trips for two to Grand Bahia Principe in Jamaica. Or take $4,000 cash

Vehicle Choices

2019 Chevrolet Colorado Crew LT or 2019 Chevrolet Camaro LT or $30,000 cash
2019 Mazda MX5 GX or 2019 Mazda CX5 GX or $35,000 cash
2019 Harley-Davidson® xl883 Iron or 2019 Honda Rubicon 500 Auto or $14,000 cash

Vacation Choices

London and Paris or Budapest and Prague
Las Vegas or Sandos Cancun

Sport, Leisure & Home Electronics

55″ Samsung SMART TV, a night uptown, kayak tours, a concert experience in Moncton & more!

When Are The Draws?

Deadlines / Draws

Bonus Prize Deadline: Midnight October 12
Bonus Prize Draw: October 23

Early Bird Deadline: Midnight November 9
Early Bird Draw: November 20

Final Sales Deadline: Midnight November 23
Final Draw: December 4

* In the event that all tickets are sold by the Early Bird Prize deadline, then all draws will commence at 9 a.m. on November 20, 2018. The first draw will be for the Early Bird Prize followed by draws for all remaining prizes starting with the prizes of least retail value. The top prize winners will be announced on CTV on November 22, 2018.


**In the event that tickets remain after the Early Bird deadline, then the Early Bird Prize draw will commence at 9 a.m. on November 20, 2018. Final ticket sales deadline is midnight, November 23, 2018. All remaining draws will commence at 9 a.m. on December 4, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. at the offices of Deloitte LLP. Draws will proceed in order of retail value beginning with the prizes of least retail value. The top prize winners will be announced on CTV on December 6, 2018.

How Are The Winners Notified?

All winners will be notified in writing by Deloitte LLP as to what they have won and where to claim their prizes. Winners will be posted online at the week following the applicable draw date: November 29 or December 13, 2018, depending on when all tickets are sold.

Can Someone Who Lives Outside Of New Brunswick Or Overseas Buy A Ticket?

Tickets must be purchased within the province of New Brunswick. Tickets will not be mailed outside the province. This lottery is intended for residents of New Brunswick.

What Happens If I Cannot Pick Up My Prize In Person?

Arrangements may be made to have a prize shipped to you freight collect. Arrangements can also be made for someone else to claim your prize with your written approval.

What Would Happen If A "Bad" Payment Was Made For A Ticket (i.e. Nsf Cheque)?

Only tickets that have been paid for and/or have been verified as paid for are eligible to be entered for the respective draw(s).

One week is allowed between our ticket sales cut off and the date of the draws. This time period allows for all forms of payment to be verified and processed. If for any reason a payment is returned, the ticket will be deemed invalid if payment cannot be made prior to the draw.

If I Win, Is My Ticket Still In For Other Draws?

Yes, after each draw, including the Bonus Prize Draw and the Early Bird Draw, the winner is recorded and the ticket number goes back for the next draw.

Is My Ticket Purchase Tax Deductible?

No. Ticket purchases are not tax deductible.

Do I Have To Take My Prize As Is Or Can I Just Take The Cash?

Prizes must be accepted as awarded unless otherwise specified. Prizes are transferable.

If I Win A House Do I Have To Live In It Or Can I Sell It?

Once a home is awarded to a winner, they do not have to move in. Any prize can be sold if the winner wishes to do so. The title for a home may be registered in anyone's name.

Are Lottery Winnings Taxable?

Lottery winnings are considered a windfall and not taxable in Canada. For further details regarding the sale of such goods, please seek professional counsel.

If I Win A Vacation Prize But Cannot Travel Can I Just Take The Cash?

No, although travel prizes ARE TRANSFERABLE so you may give it to someone else.

How Long Do I Have To Claim My Prize?

All prizes must be claimed within one year of the applicable draw date. After one year the prize will be used for further fundraising endeavors by the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Purchase A Ticket?

Purchasers must be at least 19 years of age.

Are The Prizes Donated?

No, all prizes are purchased by the Foundation using the tender process.

How Can My Chances Of Winning Really Be 1 In 20?

Each ticket is entered in the lottery for ALL draws. There are 1,753 prizes and only 34,000 tickets available. 1 chance in 34,000 tickets x 1,753 draws equates to 1 chance in 20.

How Much Will The Hospital Make And How Will It Be Used?

The projected profit of Hospital Home Lottery is approximately $1,000,000. Proceeds will be used to support the work of the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation enhancing patient care and medical research for New Brunswickers.

Inquiries Regarding Ticket Purchase (i.e. I Have Not Received My Official Ticket In The Mail; There Is A Spelling Or Address Error On My Official Ticket; Etc.)

For inquiries regarding the status of tickets already purchased please forward the message to the professional services firm of Deloitte LLP to return the purchasers calls. If the purchaser wishes, they may call Deloitte LLP directly at 1-866-764-7087.

Who Is Not Eligible To Purchase A Ticket?

The following including their spouse and any related or dependant person residing in the same household are prohibited from purchasing a ticket: Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation employees, board members and the partners and employees of the professional services firm of Deloitte LLP.

What Do You Do With My Personal Information That You Collect?

Personal information collected will be used to fulfil ticket orders, provide information on our future lotteries, contact prize winners and publicise the names of prize winners. The Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation does not sell, trade or lease your personal information. If you wish to be removed from our contact list, please call 1-866-992-1799.

How Does The New Canadian Anti-spam Legislation Affect Your Lotteries?

The primary purpose for sending our Commercial Electronic Messages (CEM) is to raise funds for our charity. Under the CASL legislation charities are considered exempt when sending CEM’s for this purpose.

How Can I Unsubscribe From Your Email List?

You have the option to unsubscribe at any time by calling 1-866-992-1799 or emailing

How Does The 50/50 Add-on Work?

50/50 tickets can be added on to your home lottery ticket in the following price points: Single for $10, Five for $25 or Fifteen for $50. The Add-on must take place at the time of the original order – Add-on orders will not be accepted after your original Home Lottery order date.

The 50/50 prize value will depend on the nature of sales (the more 50/50 Add-On’s sold, the higher the value of the prize). The winner will take half the pot and the Hospital will take half. Visit to watch the pot grow!

How Does The 100 Days Of Winning Cash Calendar Add-on Work?

100 Days of Winning Cash Calendar tickets can be added on to your home lottery ticket in the following price points: Single for $25 or three for $50. The Add-On must take place at the time of the original order — Add-On orders will not be accepted after your original Hospital Home Lottery order date.