Maurice's Story

“We all know someone… Suddenly the arrows are pointing at me,” recalled Maurice Henri, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 2021.

Maurice was diligent his whole life about getting checkups and listening to his doctor. The news came as a shock.

“Cancer…” the word came out with a heavy breath, “it’s a word I never expected to hear. My thoughts in that moment were, ‘You’re wrong, because I don’t feel sick’.”

As the doctor talked, Maurice confessed he felt like he was on another planet, the news not quite registering.

“Until they did the biopsy…and then it became very real, very fast,” he said.

Due to COVID, Maurice had to go in for surgery alone, making the whole ordeal even harder to bear. Fortunately he found great comfort along the way.

“From reception, to the nurse that prepped me for surgery… to my doctor, Guy LeBlanc, who I love… to the person who was pushing my bed to the surgery room… they became my family, my friends immediately. I’m going to live today because of them. It gave me a perspective on another level of The Moncton Hospital. To me, they’re perfect. I’m a big fan.”