Bob's Story

In 2019, Bob McVicar visited the Emergency Department at the Regional with a sore back, but the diagnosis turned out to be much more serious. As he sat in his hospital room with his partner Christine, his doctor delivered the news that he had stage 4 prostate cancer.

“I felt like I was handed a death sentence,” says Bob.

The months that followed were filled with appointments and treatments – including a new option that was suggested by Bob’s oncologist, Dr. Samantha Gray, that could prolong his life. And sure enough, what was a prognosis of a few months, has become two years and counting.

“In this community, we have access to incredible care in such a loving, friendly and welcoming environment…we don’t have to travel for world-class care,” says Christine.

Overwhelmed by the exceptional care that Bob received, Christine believes that donor generosity fuels that care and comfort.

“I’m so incredibly grateful for all of the comforts that donors have provided through their generosity which benefits patients, their families and the community,” Christine says.