The Friends of Moncton Hospital - Grace's Story

In June 2019, 21-year-old Grace Girvan was in a serious car accident. Transferred to the Neuro Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with various injuries including brain trauma, a fractured skull, a broken neck, cracked ribs and bruised lungs, Grace’s neurosurgeon explained that the next 72 hours were critical. Thankfully, Grace did not require surgery.

In fact, she made remarkable improvement every day, moving from Neuro ICU, to the 4100 Unit and then onto the Rehabilitation Unit where the long road to recovery was about to begin. “Grace was excited about this because she was ready to do some of the work herself to get better,” her mom, Mary-Lynne echoed. She was pleased to learn that the Rehab Unit, Grace’s new “home” for a while, had undergone a complete transformation in 2011 thanks to donors to the Friends of The Moncton Hospital Foundation.

Over $440,000 was raised and spent on many improvements like the creation of a Mobility Center, expansion of the Daily Living Suite, and the addition of an examination room and increased therapy space.
The Girvan family has put the past long, hard months behind them and are thankful that Grace is back to the active life she had prior to the accident. “The staff at TMH have been amazing for Grace’s recovery. We are forever grateful.”